binaband 2



In it's second incarnation, Bina Band still had Kide, Jussi and Juha from the old set up, however, the bass player and drummer had changed and one more guitar added.

The new line up :

  • Bina - Lead Vocals
  • Kide Leppäpohja - Backing Vocals, Percussion
  • Juha Kormano - Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Jussi Kangas - Guitars, Mandoline, Backing Vocals
  • Jussi Reunamäki - Keyboards, Synthesizers and Hammond
  • Teemu Niemelä - Bass, Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals
  • Kalle Aalto - Drums 
  • This set- up has also played a major part in the making of the albums "Bina" and "As Sure As The Sun"

    In addition to the main line-up, the following musicians have also been regularly involved :

    • Jami Westergard - Bass
    • Zoltan Karpati - Drums
    • Pena Perämäki - Harp