"Band - It" was formed in Kitwe, Zambia, around 1987. The first Lead Vocalist was Francina "Frankie" McDonald. She left for UK 1990 and Bina joined the Band. The Band was practically terminated at the end of 1994 and Bina left for Finland for a short tour. The reception she received was superb and preparations soon started for a new era of her musical career in Finland.

Everything was ready by 1995 and Bina moved to Finland and has been winning over audiences since.





Early version of "Band-It" from left to right :

  • Rob Coombes - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
  • Robin Kinnear - Bass, Electric Guitar, Vocals
  • Robbie Centonze - Drums, Vocals
  • Brian Sice - Bass
  • Dimitri Klironomos - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
  • Juha Kormano - Electric Guitars, Bass













The composition of the band was changing through the years, but perhaps the longest serving and also the final set- up was the following :

  • Bina -Vocals
  • Dimitri Klironomos - El. & Ac. Guitars, Vocals
  • Rob Coombes - El. & Ac. Guitars, Vocals
  • Jones - Drums
  • Hubert - Alto Sax
  • Isaac Mukunta - Keyboards, Alto Sax
  • Brian Sice - Bass
  • Juha Kormano - El.Guitars