Bina Band for Africa Tour (Zambia, Tanzania) 1996

From left to right:

  • Markku "Lalli" Lahti - Bass
  • Isaac Mukunta - Keyboards, Sax
  • Peter Tshuma - Backing Vocals
  • Jukka Grönroos - Drums
  • BINA
  • Dume Tshuma - Backing Vocals
  • Hubert - Alto Sax
  • Juha Kormano - Guitars


African Tour (Zambia - Tanzania) 1996

In 1996 Bina Band was offered a great opportunity of a one month tour to Zambia and Tanzania. Thanks for this go to Hannu Ikonen(Finnish charge d'affaires in Lusaka), Seppo Kuusiniemi (the First Secretary in Lusaka) and Ilari Rantakari (Finnish Ambassador for Tanzania ,Zambia and Zimbabwe).

It was decided to form a special group where one half was Zambian and another half Finnish. Bina , Jukka and Lalli were flown in from Finland. Isaac, Hubert and Juha were from the old "Band - It" and the fantastic Tshuma Brothers were put in charge of the backing vocals.

Thanks also go to the Ndola Vitretex Managing Director for the use ofLonhro's former recording studio of Teal Records which was given us for rehearsing. About one week later we were ready and started our tourin Ndola. The following three weeks we were busy with showsat first in Zambia ( Ndola, Kitwe, Lusaka) and then in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Just a few hours before her return flight to Finland, Bina still had a performance in the "Women In Music"- festival at the Lusaka Show Grounds. The festival featured Zambia's top female singers. It was organized by the Zambia Union of Musicians which is one of the main musical bodies representing Zambian musicians.


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