binaband 1





Hotel Jazz July '94, Pori

Bina Band's very first gig in Finland! From left to right: Pena, Tiina, Matu, Lalli, Jukka, Bina, Juha and Jussi is hiding somewhere behind the white grand piano.



The first Bina Band was formed in June '94 when Bina had her first visit to Finland. The original set-up was as follows:
  • Jukka Grönroos - Drums
  • Markku "Lalli" Lahti - Bass
  • Matleena "Matu" Kormano - El. & Ac. Guitars, backing vocals
  • Jussi Reunamäki - Keyboards
  • Juha Kormano - El.Guitars
  • Pentti "Pena" Perämäki - Harp, Guitars

Also the following friends participated the performances when ever convenient:

  • Tiina Syysmäki - Backing vocals
  • Jussi Weckström - El.Guitar, Backing vocals
  • Timo Lilja - Drums